Welcome to InterOrb - Eternal & Digital Memories

At InterOrb we offer a handcrafted service with new technology. You can preserve each one of your Films, Videos, Photos, Negatives, Slides, Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, and Documents by digitalizing the past and transferring your memories to DVD. We welcome orders from anywhere and process them safely in our own location. We do not ship your family treasures to other states like the majority of our competition, nor do we ship your order overseas for processing. We offer a personal pick up service for certain areas of King and Snohomish counties in Washington State. Please feel free to contact us to ask if we can pick up your order or to answer any questions you may have regarding the process of converting your memories to digital.

Memories preserved in print (photos, photoalbums, scrapbooks and documents) as well as negatives, slides, films and videos, have probably degraded over the years. Some films become darker over time and may have taken on a blue tint, others will have become faded and have taken on a red, sepia or pinkish tint. Many photos fade out over time and have become washed out in their appearance, due to exposure to UV light. The process of digitizing your memories is a way to preserve them as they first looked. The process of digitalizing improves the quality of the image and preserves your memories, it saves space when it comes to storing, and lastly but not least, it is an easy and economical way to make sure that all the family and friends have a copy at a relatively low cost.

At InterOrb our craftsmanship and artistry handle each image that is put in our hands, as if it were our own. We listen to each request and offer solutions to preserve your valuable memories as closely as possible to the original image. We restore the color and vibrance lost through the years and we repair imperfections such as scratches and creases so that the image you thought you had lost is recovered and then stored for ever on a DVD or CD.